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What is a renal doppler ultrasound?

A renal doppler ultrasound procedure is a non-invasive test that utilizes ultrasound technology to view the blood vessels around the kidneys, including the renal arteries.

The process is painless and typically takes 30 minutes to complete. Once the test is complete, the physician will analyze the results. This test allows us to determine if there is a narrowing of the arteries near the kidneys, which could be restricting blood flow.

What should you know before your renal doppler?

A renal doppler ultrasound does not require any special preparation and can be completed comfortably in our office. You’ll be asked to relax on an exam table while the ultrasound technician, or sonographer, will place a small amount of gel on your skin, which allows the ultrasound transducer to move smoothly.

The test involves no discomfort and does not carry any risks of radiation exposure, side effects or adverse reactions.

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