Cardiac health diagnosis

Monitoring your cardiac health for a detailed diagnosis

Your ambulatory electrocardiogram can give us a picture of your heart’s daily routine.

Heart monitoring

What is a Holter or event monitor?

When you experience symptoms like palpitations or a racing heart, it may not be something we can detect during the time you’re in our office. To get a detailed look at your heart’s activity over a period of time, we’ll often send you home with a Holter monitor.

The battery powered Holter monitor is carried on you and attaches to a set of leads that pick up the electrical impulses of your heart. Just like our in-office EKG, the Holter reads your heart’s electrical impulses over a 24-hour period.

Similarly, the event monitor performs the same function, but is activated and begins recording when you push a button. This is a helpful diagnostic tool for those who experience symptoms that we wish to monitor.

What can you expect during your monitoring?

When you’re fitted with a Holter or event monitor, we’ll place the electrodes on areas around your chest. The monitor pack can be fitted to your belt or over your shoulder, so it should not interfere with your daily life. You’ll be asked to go about your day as usual and keep a log of your daily activities.

In 24 hours, or as directed, you’ll return to our office to turn in your monitor so that the physician can assess the results.

Call us today to schedule an appointment if you suspect that you may have an abnormal heart beat.


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