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What is a cardiac catheterization?

Commonly used to remove blockages from the cardiac vessels around the heart during a heart attack, the process of cardiac catheterization is a procedure completed frequently by Dr. Collins. This method can also be used to perform angioplasty, insert a stent, or perform minor heart surgical procedures.

To begin, the doctor will apply anesthesia to a localized area and make a small incision in your groin, arm or neck. A tapered tube, called a sheath, will be inserted into your blood vessel, which guides a flexible wire through the vessel to your heart. A live moving x-ray of your chest will help to guide the physician to complete the procedure as indicated.

What can I expect with my cardiac catheterization?

As with all invasive procedures, a certain amount of care must be taken to ensure that the risk involved is minimized. Our office staff will ensure that you’ve been thoroughly briefed on how to prepare for your catheterization procedure.

Afterward, a detailed post-procedure care plan will be explained to you. While you may be held overnight for monitoring, many patients can be released to their homes several hours after the procedure.

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