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Getting a complete picture of your heart function

We use echocardiography to gain insight into the inner workings of your heart.

Ultrasound equipment

What is an echocardiogram?

Using ultrasound waves, an echocardiogram allows us to gain an accurate and live image of your heart. Similar to the process of viewing an unborn child still in the womb, an echocardiogram uses sound waves produced by a transducer to painlessly assemble an image of the beating heart.

In our office, we use two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and Doppler ultrasound to create a detailed image of your heart and its components, including valves, ventricles, heart sounds and associated vasculature. Once reviewed by the physician, it can reveal important information that might help us detect conditions like aortic stenosis, mitral valve prolapse or other congenital heart disease.

How should you prepare for an echocardiogram?

When you’re scheduled for an echocardiogram, there are a few details that you should attend to before the test.

• Discontinue any caffeinated products 24 hours before the test. This includes soda, coffee, tea, etc.
• To reduce the instance of nausea, avoid food and drink for 3 hours before the test.
• Discuss the medications that you may and may not take before the test.

An echocardiogram should take approximately 10 to 20 minutes and does not cause any discomfort.

For a comprehensive evaluation of your heart health, schedule an appointment with our office.


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